My intention is to awaken an emotion.  In the spirit of the Tonalist masters of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, I produce paintings depicting intimate and thought-provoking landscapes often in changing light (twilight) or season (Autumn).  My work is tonally harmonious and corralled within an acute value range and seeks to resolve a uniquely American quandary; to elicit the emotional spirit through the depiction of the rational or secular.  

I work to this effect through atmospheric, moody, and sublime landscapes that are typically derived from my imagination.  In contrast to my Tonalist forebears, my pictures represent a modern “expressive” school of Tonalism.  My pictures are frequently finished in one sitting, but occasionally a revisit is required to fully resolve the picture.  My primary artistic influences include George Inness, J.M.W. Turner, and Dennis Sheehan.

While working toward a picture’s resolution, I conjure trees, hills, grasses, and waters that dissolve into amorphous and semi-abstract forms constituted by intense light.  It is this light that acts as a causeway between the temporal and the emotional spirit.  As Thoreau went to the woods, I go to the easel and work toward a compromise between the temporal and the eternal.

-Justin T. Worrell

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Photos by Captured Moments by Melodie

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